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June Update

Thank you to everyone for your interest in our hoglets, we have now found homes for all of our babies and have started a new waiting list for our next planned litters. We will  be taking a look at pairing our beautiful girl, Pickle, at the end of July.

If you are interested in giving any of our babies a home, please email Jo at Jellyhogs@hotmail.com or text/ring on 07990033880 any time. All our hoglets are £150 and come with a free Care Package, 10% off our boarding house for life & a life time of aftercare. xxx

This is our little Albino Beanie Baby from Cherry & Darwins litter, he will be ready to go to his new home on May 23rd. He is a loving little character, quite brave at times when he wants to explore and loves his food! He has the same colouring as his mum Cherry who has really looked after him and his brother & sisters. Hes got a beautiful temperament often coming out to forage for treats and is well trained in the art of a good human climb! :) x


This is Muggle & Bumblebees little chocolate Chappy, with an adorable nature and cheeky personality; he is sure to steal many hearts! 

He will be ready for his new home on May 30th and is doing very well on gaining weight already :) He is the softest little guy, never balling up and will quite happily let you pick him up and take him to some where new to explore .. I think he is going to be quite the adventurer! 


Well this little pudding pie is Olive and Bumblebees little girl. She has had us all stumped about what colour she might be but now she is developing a little, its been decided that shes an Algerian Brown with the possibility of heavy flaking so she may adopt some pure white quills soon. Aside from her beautiful unusual colouring, she is our last girl looking for her forever home. She is one of the 'social' girls in her litter of four, often seeking attention and fuss! This gorgeous lady will be ready for her new home on June 13th. 


This beautiful little girl is Buttons & Cookies stunner, she is a docile little cuddler that has had alot of interest, but the right home hasnt come forward just yet. She spends her evenings curled up on my lap annointing or exploring with her sister and brothers currently. She's not shy in the slightest and will be ready to meet her new family and go to her new home on May 30th.


Text Jo on 07990033880 any time to discuss any available babies or simply email: jellyhogs@hotmail.com

Hedgehogs looking for homes

We have several beautiful hoglets who were born at the start of April. We are setting up viewings for late April should any one be interested in coming to meet them, please text Jo on 07990033880 or email jellyhogs@hotmail.com any time. Our Hoglets are all £150 and we accept 50% deposits on viewing day upon completion of the adoption pack we will have ready. Our current available hoglets will be looking to go to their new homes towards the end of May.

Right now we are prepping orders for accessories and set ups so if you are planning to adopt a hedgehog from us, we recommend emailing your plans and orders through to us so we can make sure we have plenty of stock.

Simply email me via jellyhogs@hotmail.com 

Current Litters & Availability April 2015

Cherry (above) was paired with Darwin, who you can see a picture of on Our Herd page and had her hoglets on April 2nd 2015. This will be her last litter as she is nearing her retirement age now so will be resting up at Jellyhogs and enjoying a well deserved rest :) 
She has had 4 babies, two Chocolates and two Albinos; one boy and girl in each colour. We have 3 viewings organised and another penciled in for now.

This beauty is Mona who was paired with Bumblebee, she has given birth to 3 stunning dark babies which are a really good mix of their parents. One Dark girl has a viewing booked in and we have Two boys looking for homes.. one has absolutely stunning white markings along his left hand side which really contrasts from his dark colouring; he is also looking to be a splitface too. To book a viewing please email jellyhogs@hotmail.com

Our Badger Striped lady, Muggle, was also paired with Bumblebee and has been looking after 4 stunning hoglets. She is still in the early days and as its her first litter we have given her some extra time so are unsure of the colours and sexes she has in with her right now. More details to follow :) xx

Our heart just melts when buttons has babies with her, she is such a good mum. She was paired with Cookie & we know she has babies as we can hear those little chirps but numbers and sexes will have to wait until they are old enough to be handled. xx

This is Olive who has been paired and has just tipped over Day 30 of her gestation period, we are waiting to see if she produces any babies so will be a few weeks behind the other girls should you be wanting to wait a little longer for a hoglet from Jellyhogs. 

Simply email jellhogs@hotmail.com if you are interested. xx

Join our waiting list...

care package 10% off boarding house
Our waiting list is open for future litters. If you are interested in joining our waiting list for a hoglet, please fill in the form below.

All of our hedgehogs come with lineage details, a free care, info & registration package and a life time of after care (and we really mean that!). For extra peace of mind, all of our hoglets come with a life time of 10% off every stay at our hedgehog boarding house should you need some one to hedgehog sit whilst you are away.

Our hedgehogs are all £150 (£75 non-refundable deposit will secure) regardless of sex or colour when they reach 3 weeks of age.

We supply the only professional purpose built Hedgehog Safe Vivariums here in the UK called 'The Jellyhogs Vivarium' & have several accessories packages which contain everything you need to get prepared and set up for bringing a hedgehog home. All of our products can be viewed in our Shop.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Current Litters & Availability...May 2014

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We currently have 1 litter awaiting their new homes in May but all are reserved. Honey is currently in pairing with Cookie, this will be her last litter and we have an open waiting list should you wish to join, simply fill the form out below and send it back to us. Thanks.

After this time, we won't be breeding again until September time. xXx

Cherry & Cookies Litter July 2013

annointing self annointing
This gorgeous little chocolate girl is Chelsea, one of three female hoglets in this very bubbly healthy litter from Cherry & Cookie.

She has found a forever home with Sam and Matt who have reserved one of the new range of Jellyhogs Blue Vivariums & Storage units. Sam is a crafter like the Jellyhogs Team so i know Chelsea with her cheeky adventurous side will be well catered for! :) xXx
friendly hedgehogs biting
The lovely Debby Champion has reserved 'Elwood' who will have a sister in her new home called Roxy who has visited our boarding house before.

Elwood is a stunning little Chocolate pinto like her daddy and has certainly shown us her cuddly side so far as a hoglet. We have every faith in Debby and Frank to give this lil girl a precious home.

They have reserved a gorgeous Oak Set up for Elwood which we can't wait to see in place. xXx
behaviour help advice after care
Hello Hello from a beautiful Hettie, our other Chocolate Pinto that has been reserved by Kirstine and Pip, who are making a very special set up from scratch at home.

Hettie loves nothing more but to explore till she is all tired out and ready for a cuddle!
She is the loudest suckler of mummy cherrys milk which has us in stitches. She has a wonderful temperment just like her sisters and we can't wait to see her all set up in her new home, we will certainly miss her! xXx

Bon Bon & Cookies Litter April 2013

toys for hogs hogs ukaph aph Pygmy hedgehogs
This is the gorgeous Arwen, our Chocolate lady.. she is off to coventry to the lovely Helen and Linzi!

We are so pleased with her, shes a real cuddler and although a little shy, we just know she will be a confident lil madam in her new home once she gets her paws on all her Jellyhogs Goodies! xXx
shows UK birmingham coventry midlands train station
This is Ponyo, our gorgeous Beanie Baby Girl. Shes the biggest in the litter and a little bully when it comes to getting mums milk and lots of attention.. not in the slightest bit shy!

Ponyo was the first to be snapped up in the litter by a lovely lady called Jo who is making quite a journey to come and collect her in June. An avid sewer, Jo has already prepared lots of liners and snuggly goodies for Ponyo and we just know she will be spoilt rotten in her new forever home!

stoke on trent hinckley burbage
Well this little waving hedgehog is our gorgeous little Chocolate pinto who's been named Biggles!!

Off to a lovely family with Gemma & Justin, we can't wait to see how this little chap develops! He is really quite a character.. not only a complete poser when it comes to the camera but a confident little climber and adventurer when it comes to play time!

wigston coalville hedgehog
Here we have our little beanie boy whos been named Nickoli! He is really quite a charmer and has frequently fell asleep in my hand.

He has found a loving home with the lovely Jan who has been on our waiting list waiting for a beautiful Jellyhoglet.

Jan is also homing a rescue hoggie soon so has lots of jellyhogs goodies ready and waiting for her hoggies to arrive at their forever home! We are very proud of our little man and although he is quiet, we know he is content :) xXx

Biscuit & Cocos Last Litter February 2013

boy girl male female
Biscuit gave birth to her last litter at the beginning of Feb and all have already have been snapped up by people on our waiting list.

All hoglets are little chunkers and are feeding from mum very well, they are all being handled nightly now and are becoming confident little ones!
(more pics coming soon) xXx
holiday package twins
This Little guy is called Chip, he's off to his new home this easter Friday with Victoria and Grant who have built their own hoggie vivarium and have lots of Jellyhog items on order to help settle him in to his new home.

Chip has a little pinto patch on his bum (pictured on the left) and is a cheeky chappy just like his brothers but a real mummy boy still. xXx
organic safe hedgehog products
This is Jasper who is off to his new home with Sherry on March 29th (Good Friday). He's such a soft little man, very confident and looking set to be a mixture of cuddly and adventurous!  xXx
calming bag soothing skin irritation bathing pamper package
This little guys called Bramble, a real softie and a little shy at times.. hes quite an independant chappy. He is off to his new home at Easter with Chrissy & Verity who are taking some time to consider different housing set ups before bringing him home.

vivarium custom made safetly ledge aph
This little man is called Stitch and he is off to an experienced hoggy home with Sammie Winter who is already set up with lots of Jellyhogs vivariums and will be adding one more to her growing herd.  Stitch will remain pet only and we have had one of Sammies other hogs here for a pamper package.. i'm confident that Stitch is going to a fantastic home and shes stopping by tomorrow to come and see him in person :) xXx

Cherry & Cocos Litter January 2013

leicestershire breeder midlands
In late January, we welcomed Cherrys first litter of squeakers ... two gorgeous hoglets!

This little softie is called Aro and is being taken home to Coventry by a very pet friendly family, Zoe & Ian. They are getting set up with Vivariums ready for him and their other two hoggies, Jane and Emmet.

Aro loves cuddles and regularly falls asleep in our hand instead of investigating like his sister!

If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please contact Jo on 07790619688 any time or email me at jellydavies@hotmail.com

liners balls toys toy tub package things for hedgehogs to play with rescue hedgehogs
This gorgeous little madam is Pixie, shes staying local to Leicestershire and is going to an experienced home which we are very happy about. Mark & Nikki have been waiting for the right girl to come along and already own a gorgeous hoggie called Boo.

Pixie will have a Jellyhogs Set Up with lots of accessories to help settle her in and make her feel special. Mark and Nikki have plans to breed pixie in the future and im very confident that they are and will be excellent new parents.


Honey & Cookies Litter December 2012

Honey & Cookie have been paired and we welcomed little sqeaks as Honey got to day 46.. she really did make us wait. We will pop up another update as soon as we know more. xXx
Update January: Honey had two gorgeous hoglets in her litter, both have done amazingly well and we have two wonderful homes waiting to take them home when they are ready. Both hoglets are eating well and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, they have just gone in to their own seperate Vivariums so we can monitor their independant eating, drinking and toileting before they go to new homes.
names for hedgehogs accessories hedgehog liners wheels cage vivarium
This is our gorgeous little lady, Thistle. She is and always has been a big girl.. and a greedy hoglet! We noticed from a young age she would bully her way to any source of food but we always think her independance will be a strength of hers.. shes a very healthy hoglet.. weighing in at an incredible 217g at only 6 weeks old. Thistle has a fabulous home lined up with Alexia and her family who lives local to us in Leicestershire. Alexia has been very patient in waiting for Thistle & has come by to meet her after falling in love with photos via our Facebook page. We are so happy that Thistle has such a brilliant family to go to with one of our Jellyhogs vivariums at the ready and a one of our Gold Acessorie Packages. :) xXx
national exotic hedgehog rescue tiggy hogs save our hedgehogs pygmy hogs uk
This little charmer is Twiglet!! Hes our other Cinnicot pinto and like his sister.. he has his mothers 'cinnicot' colouring and his daddys 'pinto' markings! :)
The hansom little man is off to his new home mid-feb to Sophie and her partner who have a Jellyhogs set up all ready and waiting with lots of accessories.
Twiglet is a real cuddler and a softie but loves nothing more than exploring tunnels and hidy holes! :) We know that he will have a brilliant home with Sophie who fell in love with the little guy at first hold! xXx

Bon Bon & Cookies Litter November 2012

Breeder of african pygmy hedgehogs ITV Documentary Charity

This is the mischeivious Madam Mim! She is off to an experienced home with Fran who has another hoggie called Merlin. Madam Mim is cheeky, energetic and a confident girl in all the right ways. Like her sister Matlida, shes an Albino & a beautiful girl at that. We are proud to say that her temperment is of the best and identical to her two sisters :) xXx

Recommended breeder APH APHR Registry Hedgehog Club UK
This is Piggles, shes a big softie and isnt afraid to show it! Shes a Ruby Eyed Cinnicot Pinto & is off to live with Emily in Kettering. Piggles was very light when she was 14 days but darkened up a little since, shes got a very friendly personality, as do her sisters; they're not huffy in the slightest. We are very proud of her. xXx
matlida hedgehog went the rescue UK APHR Registry approved
This is Matlida, one of the gorgeous Albino Girls in the litter who is off to her new home with Rebecca and Stephen who took home Millie & Millo from us earlier on in the year. They have four hoggies in their family including Matilda & i couldn't hope for a better home for her. Matlida was the fluffiest in the litter & showed a cheeky side which we loved. Loved to explore before settling down for some cuddles! xXx
triplets litter of hedgehogs albinos cinnicots
Bon Bon had her babies on the 9th of November and all are happy and healthy to date. They are all girls, there is 2 Albinos and 1 Ruby Eyed cinnicot which we are very excited about. We have viewings booked for the beginning of December so they will go to their new homes in the new year.
Bon Bon was paired with Cookie at the beginning of October so will be expecting in November. Shes started to gain weight as has been settling down already.Bon Bon has a gorgeous personality much like Cookie so im expecting some brilliant personalities from her upcoming litter. We are predicting a litter of Pintos as this is the dominant gene in the pairing...  We have some homes lined up currently, as long as all is healthy with the babies.

If you would like to join our waiting list, please get in touch via our Contact Us Page with your Full Name, Address & Post Code along with a contact Number. xXx

Biscuit & Cocos Litter September 2012

harley the jellyhog african pygmy hedgehog
This is the gorgeous Harley, i love her big ears and colouring..it matches her sweet personality! Shes off to Live with Nikki who has patiently awaited this little beauty. I have a stand and vivarium waiting to be delivered along with Harley when she is ready for her new home. xXx
dark faced hedgehog for sale
This is Oggy.. the only boy in the litter and in high demand. He will be going home with Leanne who has one of out chocolate vivariums all set up waiting for him to move into and lots of hoggie accessories from us. Hes a real cutie, Oggy has been a real fuss pot & loves nothing more than being picked up for attention! xXx
brown hedgehog pygmy breeder
This is our little Girl Crumble.. Shes the smallest girl in the litter and will be going home with the lovely Grianne & Kevin. She looks alot darker on this picture.. almost brown in colour but shes been registered as a cinnicot. Crumble has a gorgeous personality, quills back and a real cuddler!! Grianne & Kevnin have a Vivarium from us all set up waiting with accessories at the ready xXx
hedgehog wheels chococlate pinto hedgehogs
This is our little Chocolate Pinto Female thats been reserved by Julia and Adam. Shes is the first chocolate pinto that Biscuit & Coco have had & shes the biggest in the litter. She is doing really really well, we are in suspense awaiting their name choice!! Adam has been to collect her vivarium from us so its all ready and set up for her arrival! xXx
18th Oct Update: All 4 hoglets are now registered with the UKAPHR and have homes waiting patiently to collect them when they are old enough. all hoglets are starting to come out of the nest and eat the biscuits now which is brilliant to see.
25th Sept Update: Well Biscuit had her Litter on the 17th of Sept & she gave birth to 5 gorgeous hoglets. They were all quickly spoken for by the lovely people on our waiting list. Unfortuately one of the hoglets hasnt made it, we predict it wasnt strong enough. We have taken a little peep at the rest of the litter who are all looking plump and healthy ...some great news. Biscuit is coping well & feeding the little nest of spikies well...from what we can tell.. there are 3 darks and 1 light in there currently. We will update you of their progress soon.
Biscuit & Coco have quite the romantic story given they are each others first and only love to date. They are due to be paired on August 11th so fingers crossed that Biscuit will be expecting in September time. Biscuit has previously had very successful litters & this one will be her last litter of the year. Biscuit is a Chocolate Snowflake and Coco is a Grey.. their previous litters have produced Greys, Chocolates, Chocolate Snowflakes, Cinnicots and Coco does have some Beanie in his bloodline. We will keep you all updated! xXx

Honey & Snowballs Litter July 2012

colours of hedgehogs cinnicot chocolate pinto salt and pepper
This is Hugo, the first Algerian Brown to be produced from our herd which we are very excited about. He has a lovely character and is growing every day, weighing 106g at just 4 weeks old..a very healthy hoglet! He will be going home with Suzanna & Dave at the end of August who have been waiting for the right boy to come along. We are so happy for them and for Hugo as i know they will make brilliant hoggie parents! x
Rescue Hedgehogs rehoming
This is Sponge, he is our first Albino Male to be produced from our herd and that makes him extra special. He will be going to a lovely girl called Georgia who has a Jellyhogs Vivarium set up all ready and waiting for him. He loves his fuss, kisses & has a lovely temperment. We know he will be well cared for and we look forward to lots of photos as Georgia is a new member of the Jellyhogs Forum.

9th July Update: Honey had her babies two nights ago and there's two babies in the nest. We have alot of interest in the babies thus far & have two potential homes lined up with a few people on our waiting list. The hoglets are doing really well sofar & mummy is feeding and toileting them well thus far. We will keep you updated with progress :)


Honey and Snowball were paired together at the start of June 2012 and Honeys weight has since increased steadily by a good one hundered grams which is a very good indication that she is expecting. She currently has her nesting house in and has been preparing a cosy little nest for what we hope will be a fabulously healthy litter any day now. She is currently on Day 32 so fingers are crossed for babies in the next few days.

We have several people to contact on our waiting list should any hoglets become available, if you would be interested in joining our waiting list or ordering a Vivarium Set up from us at Jellyhogs, please get in touch via email at: jellydavies@hotmail.com

Thank you xXx

Bon Bon & Snowballs Litter June 2012

Albino hedgehog Jellyhogs African Pygmy hedgehog
2nd July Update: What a brilliant few weeks!!! Bon Bon is quite the natural mummy! The little hoglet that was in the nest is much much bigger in size and feeding very well. She is officially our first Albino hoglet bred and we are very proud of her. She will be going to her new home on July 28th with a fabulous new Daddy called Thomas. Thomas is a regular follower of ours on Twitter so we are hoping to see some piccies now and then of 'Lucrezia' once she leaves for her new home. She will be housed in a custom built Vivarium from us at Jellyhogs with array of fab accessories we've supplied.

12th June Update: Well Bon Bon is doing really well, she has one baby in the nest so she/he is extra special. Mum has been out for food and drink but is still very protective of her nest so as the hoglet is doing well we have left her to do what shes best at. The Hoglet is feeding well and is still really pink with white quills right now.. we could finally have a beanie on our hands!! 

We have updated the lady on our waiting list so she gets first refusal, if you would like to join the waiting list please get in touch. It's important to us to have top rated homes waiting for our hoglets.


6th June: Bon Bon and Snowball were paired together successfully at the start of May so we have quietly been helping Bon Bon prepare for her litters arrival in the hope that this will be second time lucky for her and Snowball. Bon Bon recently had a poorly belly so we gave her some camomile tea and her stool improved well, she had still gained over 100g by day 30 of her pregnancy and tonight we have discovered that she has at least one baby in the nest but possibly a couple more. Given that Bon Bons last litter of one was born so small, we will have to keep a close but sensitively quiet eye on how her current babies are getting on incase they need supplementing with goats milk but fingers are tightly crossed for a healthy litter this time around.  

We have two lovely families awaiting a new addition currently. If you would like to join our waiting list for a hoglet, please contact me at jellydavies@hotmail.com

We usually supply our hoggie homes with Vivariums and a full set up of accessories for a very competative price so should you need this service at any time please get in touch.

Thanks xXx
Biscuit & Cocos Litter April 2012

May Update: All hoggies have been reserved and will be going to fab homes at the start of June. New homes are being supplied with a full accessories package by Jellyhogs too so are looking forward to getting all set up!

April 29th Update: Appts booked with 3 potential owners for next weekend so they can put reserves down if they want to. There are 2 Girls and 1 Boy in the litter so heres some piccies for you!

Girl 1

 Girl 2



April 22nd update: Well Biscuit gave birth to 3 gorgeous plump little hoglets one week ago today. They are all doing amazingly well ..feeding from mum and toileting. Mum has been out for food and water regularly and is protecting them & keeping them toasty warm. We have updated the lucky people on The Jellyhogs Waiting List of their progress and have 3 great homes lined up for June 10th all being well & that the hoglets are ready to leave.The hoglets have grown extremely well in size over the last week and are looking to be cheeky little ones given their continuous squeaks for feeds and regular huffs.. some how i think we have our work cut out minimising those huffs down once we can handle them!! We feel very lucky to have such a strong litter as we know there has been some sad news from other breeders concerning their litters of late. We will upload some pictures in a couple of weeks time so you can see how gorgeous the 3 bubbas are! Thank you.


April 3rd Update: Well Biscuit is definately looking pregnant which is great news. Biscuits set up has been changed, her nesting matierial and wooden house has been added and her wheel taken out. Her house has a liftable roof so i can check in on her if needs be and thus far her appetite is up too so shes doing really well. Handling time is now over as she will be on day 30 tomorrow. Biscuits skin was a little dry the last few days so we are using flaxseed oil a little more on her dry food than usual so fingers crossed her skin will improve.


Mid-March Update: Well Biscuit was placed with Mr Coco at the start of the month and  we believe he 'did his stuff'. Biscuit is now back in her own set up and has been weighed regularly and is gaining weight steadily. Things are looking good for now so we will keep you all posted :) xXx


February Update: Biscuit and Coco are being paired next month so this will be their first litter of 2012 with any luck & also my first pairing as a UK Recommended Breeder. In true organised Jellyhogs style, preporation is well under way! Care and info packs are organised ready in the Jellyhogs Room, nesting material is at the ready and hoggie weights are being monitored alongside a good diet. We are taking Mr Coco to the Show in Sheffield to show him off before his big date with Mrs Biscuit in mid-March so we will add some photographs to the 'Custom Vivariums & Photos' Section above when we get back.


Bon Bons Litter December 2011

I would like to annouce the arrival of Bon Bons first Litter of One that was born on 24th December 2011, just in time for christmas. Bon Bon has been looking after her little one well and is being left to bond and look after her hoglet until a little handling can come into play once the hoglet is old enough. For now, the hoglet is healthy and doing well which is brilliant news given that this is Bon Bons first litter.

Update: Unfortunately 'turpin' our little man, was born severly underweight and after 4 weeks of fighting his little body gave up and didnt make it. Mum is resting now untill she is ready to try again with Mr Snowball later this year. Turpin is the first hoggie to ever pass away at Jellyhogs and we know he and mummy did everything she could to give him a fighting chance. Rest in peace beautiful lil guy.

The next pairing will be Biscuit & Coco in March. Thank you.


Biscuits Litter November 2011 (All Sold Now).

Well my stunning little mummy hog Biscuit had her second litter on the 6th November 2011 and as a double celebration she also had her birthday two days later on the 8th November. She is happy and healthy as are the babies and their gorgeous chirps for food. Mum has already been out for a little food and seems to be coping well, even after some late fireworks were set off. The litter will be ready for their new homes towards the end of December / start of the New Year.

Update 27th Nov: Biscuit has been a fantastic mummy to all four of her babies. She has had two girls and two boys, i have decided to keep one of the girls (Honey) so there are three hoglets going to new homes. The litter is currently 3 weeks old (as of 27th November 2011) and will be ready to go to new homes from 1st January 2012 when they are 8 weeks old. The girls are looking to be Browns in colour and the boys are darker and possibly Algerian Greys although their colours will all mature over the next few weeks.

Update: 13th December: All hoglets have now been reserved and are going to new homes when they are old enough. They are all doing well and have been given new names, Honey, Peach, Oscar & Aristotle. They are all weighing in at over 120g already, are eating on their own as well as becoming very active exploring their surroundings. 

Biscuit has been a fantasic mummy to her second litter and is looking forward to some rest for a few months as well as getting her wheel back in once the babies go to their new homes. All being well, she will be looking to join her mating partner Coco again in May 2012. 

If you would like to join my Waiting List please get in touch. Thank You. (07790619688 / jellydavies@hotmail.com)

Some pictures of Biscuits second litter at 3 weeks old.

Boy 1- Arry

 Girl 1- Peach

 Boy 2- Oscar

 Girl 2- Honey




Litter of 3 Hedgehogs Available from 31st July 2011. (All Sold Now- next litters available to reserve in November & December 2011)

These were my three babies that went to new homes in August, the photos were taken at 3 weeks old, they had all opened their eyes and were happy healthy little hogs. All were handled daily and were starting to walk around abit at that age so were becoming a little more inquizitive which was brilliant. The top pic was my girl and the following two were my boys, the boys were abit more confident and adventurous and my girl was abit quieter and loved a cuddle and being fed by her mummy, Biscuit.

Image 1: Pepper. Image 2: Frank. Image 3: Stewie.

Biscuit and Coco were mated together on the 1st of May 2011 for 10 days, Biscuit gave birth to 4 stunning healthy little hoggies on the 5th June 2011. I have decided to keep one :) My hedgies are all handled daily (babies after 2 weeks) so will be well socialised with good temperments. All hedgies will come with a full care pack & will be registered with the UKAPH Registry before they leave for their new homes so will come with their certificates at no extra charge (will need new owners name, address, email and decided hedgehog name a week in advance). 

If any one has any questions, dont hesitate to get in touch. jellydavies@hotmail.com / 07790619688


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